Here in Agritour, we believe in collaborations with different sites, especially agriculture.

Here is a short list of some of the places:

Alon Farm- Citrus and special lemon species such as the Yuzo, Fingerlime etc.

The old courtyard Museum in Ein Shemer - Discover the amazing story of the pioneers and the special way of life in the kibbutz.

Bara Herbs- A fascinating tour about the secrets of herbal medicine history, touring the herb garden and the factory.

Ruach Shtut- Strawberry greenhouse farm, using only biological pest control in collaboration with biobee Sde Eliyahu.

The passionfruit man - An amazing liqueur with a more amazing story behind the "man".

The Ecological Greenhouse in Ein Shemer- The Ecological Greenhouse in Kibbutz Ein-Shemer, is an innovative educational center, a place for social encounters and connection which combines two fundamental elements: environmental ecology and social ecology.