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About Us

Kibbutz Magal

was established in 1953 as a Nahal outpost. The first settlers were from HaTzofim movement in Jerusalem, followed by military Nahal infantry till the beginning of the 80's. 

The kibbutz belonged to the United Kibbutz Movement (Amana, Takam) and located within the Menashe Regional Council, and is its southern border with Emek Hefer. 

The Kibbutzs main livelihood is based both on Netafim and its agriculture- Olives, almonds, avocado and grapes along with some other different businesses.



Agritour, has for some years been hosting delegations and groups from all over the world for agricultural visits incorporating: progressive agriculture (Hitech), drip irrigation, climate controllers, the simplest greenhouses designed specifically for smallholders in Africa and large glasshouses designed for cold climates in Europe and more….

Agritour also serves as a starting point for tours to agricultural sites in the region, the most advanced water purification systems and reservoirs, advanced robotic dairy farms, field crops and advanced agricultural applications, plantations, orchards, flowers and more...

  • Lecture on Netafim

From the invention of the dripper til Netafim today. A film available in 7 languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Turkish showing Netafims innovations and achievements.

The lecture is tailored for the group, their area and range of interest and the country of their origin.

There is an option to screen other films according to interest. 

  • The Netafim Greenhouse park

Touring through the park, the R&D of Netafim, offers an opportunity to see Netafims' technology at work, vital experiments, climate controllers and a variety of greenhouses – from simple smallholder greenhouses for Africa to advanced glasshouses specifically for cold climates.

  • ‬Touring the Kibbutz and overlooking the area surrounding the Kibbutz

Understanding the idea and location behind Magal's establishment, stories from the kibbutz’ first years, communal life, collective education until the privatization process and observing the amazing views which overlook the Haviva Valley. 

  • Masik - olive oil visitor center

In the visitors center, the guest can meet the people behind the olive oil, hear stories, learn about the olive growing process and the olive oil production process, taste the different olive oil species and pick his preferred specie.


Tour Time: 120-180 minutes




Netafim is the global leader in smart irrigation solutions for a sustainable future. With 28 subsidiaries, 17 manufacturing plants and 4,300 employees worldwide, Netafim delivers innovative solutions to growers of all sizes, from smallholders to large-scale agricultural producers, in over 110 countries. Founded in 1965, Netafim pioneered the drip revolution, creating a paradigm shift toward low-flow agricultural irrigation. Today, Netafim provides diverse solutions – from state-of-the-art drippers to advanced automated systems – for agriculture, greenhouses, landscaping and mining, accompanied by expert agronomic, technical and operational support. Specializing in end-to-end solutions from the water source to the root zone, Netafim delivers turnkey irrigation and greenhouse projects, supported by engineering, project management and financing services.

Netafim's market-leading solutions are helping the world grow more with less.

Kibbutz Dining

Kibbutz Lunch Dining 

Our dining room offers a culinary experience of home cooked, Israeli food with more than 30 years’ experience in service and excellence offering nutritious food to our customers.

Our professional cooks and chefs prepare tasty, healthy and quality food day after day and are committed supplying home cooked, tasty, fresh, nutritious food to generous, attentive service suited to our customers.

All groups have reserved tables with cold beverages and a dessert.

*Lunch is  self served, with an option for table service upon request.

* There is an option to order breakfast and dinner.

Masik Olive Oil

Masik Kibbutz Magal

Masik Varietal Olive oil from Kibbutz Magal is always extra-virgin cold pressed. It is premium single estate – extracted only from olives cultivated in our own well-cared for orchard, under the optimal soil and climate conditions of Emek Hefer, Israel’s historic land of olive oil. The groves cover more than 1200 dunams (300 acres) and are considered among the best in the country. Only a short times passes from harvest until the olives are pressed, packed, and stored under optimal temperatures and humidity to reach you – the final customer.

The visitors’ center offers tastings of almonds as well as varieties of olive oil from, which was recognized for the fifth year in a row as the leading olive oil brand in Israel. We’ll get to know the people and the stories behind Masik, learning from the experts about the growing process and production. And we’ll taste the various oils.

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Dana: 050-5328552 | [email protected] | Kibbutz Magal, Israel

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