Class in open air

Here at kibbutz Magal, we have been hosting generations of students and business delegations that came specially to learn about Israeli innovation.

We will start our tour with an in-depth lecture about the Kibbutz, the Israeli water sector, and Netafim- the pioneer and world leader in smart irrigation.

From there we'll continue to Netafim's R&D Greenhouse park where we'll see diverse greenhouses, crops, technological achievements and see how Netafim aims to help change the agriculture world and stop world hunger.

And this isn't all, we'll get acquainted with the Kibbutz- we'll talk ideology, the first years and the changes that came throughout the years.

To wrap things up, we'll taste different olive oil varieties and learn from our experts at Masik Magal about the olive growing process, oil extraction, production, and myths.

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Tour Time: 3 hours